Your Hands

I know I should be posting about my senior from last week but I have something else on my heart so I’ll get to that at a different time. Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen to us during our lifetime, maybe we’ll figure it out one day, maybe we won’t. When these things to happen, as Christians we’re called to just trust. Sometimes it’s easier to do that than others, I’m a perfect example of that. 2 of the same situations, 2 babies lost, this time it is so much harder to trust. But then I speak with someone, or hear a song that gets through to my heart and it makes it just a bit easier each time. I’m pretty sure that I heard this during an Episode of Bones! And I tagged it with my phone to find out what it was. But when I listen to it, I can relate because I too have troubles I wish wasn’t there..

(you don’t have to watch the video, it’s just some random one someone made for the song)

He never leaves, even when it gets rough, even when we seem to be mad at the world for our pain.

2 little tangents 2 days in a row, please forgive me! But thanks for reading :) xoxo j.


5 thoughts on “Your Hands

  1. Amazing Song , Amazing Video, Amazing strength that we can only get from God, this song can inspire us all, every one of us. Thanks For sharing Jessica ♥

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