Snapshot on a Sunday

Today I watched my friends girls, it was a really fun day. We were planning to have a picnic outside in the grass, but of course it would rain today. So we had a picnic inside instead, we did crafts and made a fort out of sheets, the couch and dinner table chairs. This is the snapshot I took from today, it was cute to see such a little thing using an iphone! I’m going to send this one over on Invitation to Hang.

The second one Ava took with my camera, I think hers is a better snapshot that mine :)

Also, I have a tiny update on the blood work we had done. Good news is that both of our chromosomes came back perfectly normal, I believe that would be one of the worst things to have wrong when it comes to having a baby. (not 100% sure on that fact) but I do know that it is good news. I have to re-do a few tests and get a few more done but as of now, for the most part, it was good news.


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