Fiesta Days!!

Good morning! I wanted to make sure that all of you mark your calendars!! I will be having a booth at the Fiesta Days held in Canyon Lake the Saturday over Memorial Weekend (the 26th I believe). I’m really really excited, somewhat nervous, but mostly really excited! I already have so many fun ideas that I want to incorporate, mostly stemming from my website and blog, and from my brand. I still have a TON to do in the next 2 weeks but it’s all fun, creative stuff so I’m really excited! My sister-in-law Kristy has really, really helped me out so much with all of the brainstorming. Instead of a banner, we’ve turned (we meaning mostly Scott and a little painting on my part) a huge piece of wood into a giant frame. Kristy is going to paint my logo onto it! It already looks amazing and it’s only roughly drawn out! I know you can’t really see what she’s drawn, but she’s drawn it to look almost identical to my logo, she’s so talented! I’ve never worked on something for my business in collaboration with other people, I know it’s family but it’s been awesome working together with Scott and Kristy on something that will be representing me, and my business. I’m having a great time!

This shows the board a little bit better, can you see how Scott built it to look like a frame? All of my framed portraits will have white frames, so it goes along perfectly!

You all should definitely come out and see the booth! We’re going to be giving away candy, and for the kids we’ll be having a coloring contest! The winner of the contest will win a gift card to Toys r Us! How fun is that!? I might split up the ages a bit and have 2 winners or just have 1 contest for everyone, I haven’t decided! Remember Hannah? She’ll be there too helping me hand out the candy and getting the kids involved in the coloring contest. If your a friend of mine, I kind of expect you to come and visit :) If your a client, future client or just a blog reader I’d love to see you there. I’m thinking I’ll even throw in a free 8×10 on a future session if you stop by and say hi! It’s honestly a fun day because not only are there other booths there but they sell ALL kinds of food, have games (last year they had huge water slides) for the kids, sometimes they have performances on a stage. The fire department is always there with their big fire trucks for the kids to climb in and take pictures, it really is a lot of fun! Seeing me there is just a bonus ;) And it’s a totally free event, you really could just come, walk around and look at everything and not spend a dime if you didn’t want to.

The address for Fiesta Days is 22200 Canyon Club Dr, Canyon Lake 92587. Although it is a gated community so if you don’t have friends in there just leave a comment or send me a message if you want to come and I’ll get you a guest pass! I really hope I see some of you!

I’ll try to post pictures of our progress as we finish up everything for the booth. I hope you have a wonderful day today! If you love this rainy weather, good for you! If you don’t, well you can join me in wishing it gone :) xoxo j.


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