Menifee Maternity Photography :: the Beautiful Kyrene

This session is something that I have long waited for, approximately 8 1/2ish months! Kyrene is absolutely gorgeous and when I heard she was pregnant one of my first thoughts were (probably the photographer in me) oooh I hope she wants me to take her maternity photos! Some women want nothing to do with having their picture taken when all they feel like is that they want that baby OUT. I’m glad Kyrene wasn’t one of those women :) It’s only been the past year that I’ve gotten to known Kyrene better, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that she is one of the most kindest, sweetest and caring woman you want to know! She is a nurse and I can’t imagine anyone else who I would want to be my nurse if I had to be in the hospital. Oh and ps. I should also mention that her husband Shane is also wonderful, also an ER nurse, and they work at the same hospital, I think that’s pretty awesome!

Instead of commenting in between some of the photos, I’m just going to say… I LOVE all of them.the end.

Okay so I need to some help… I am going to showcase one of Kyrene’s maternity photos at Fiesta Days, but I keep going back and forth between 3 different photos. With your mouse, roll over these photos and find the 2 labeled 6727, and the other 6771. Those are the 3, please, please help. Leave me a comment and tell me which one you think would be best to show at Fiesta Days.. I welcome ALL and ANY suggestions, so everyone please!

ps. Dear baby Hudson, please come out to meet all of us very soon. We are all anxious to meet and hold you in our arms. Love, your extended auntie Jessi

Thank you Shane and Kyrene, I had a great time with you and thank you for letting me be a part of this special time in your life.


14 thoughts on “Menifee Maternity Photography :: the Beautiful Kyrene

  1. Jess, these are so beautiful. I just want to cry. It’s hard to say which one is better because I feel like they are capturing something different in each one. I can’t even say. From an artistic standpoint, 6771…but from a family standpoint and because they are both such attractive people, 6727. Sorry I’m no help, but I’m a fan.

    • Thank you Cait that means a lot to me! haha I know that’s exactly why I can’t decide between the 2. 2 totally different photos, but beautiful in their own way! I’m pretty sure I’m going with 6727, the one on the left!

  2. Wow…awesome! The pictures are beautiful Jess. Of the three to choose from, I say 6727. I also think 6732 is cute :)

  3. Girl these are gorgeous isnt she just a beauty :) i love love love 6745! but out of the ones you picked i would pick6727 the left one its so cute!!!
    love you, great job

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