Should you decide to join us…

I’m including a little map that shows right where my booth will be for Fiesta Days! At first I was so bummed because I thought I was way in the back where no one would come, but according to Scott and Kristy I actually have one of the best spots!!! So I’m really excited. Plus I think I’m in the grass and not on the asphalt so it might not be as hot for us.

When I first thought about doing this, or actually was reminded that I should do this by my sister-in-law, I thought with some brainstorming and planning it would be a fairly easy task. Plus I thought I could do pretty much all of it on my own, boy was I wrong! Without Scott, there is no way I could have finished all of the things needed to make it look decent and actually stay in place. Whenever I get frustrated, he’s there to talk me through it and make it work a different way. When I think I’m doing this all for nothing because no one will show up or even be interested in what I have to offer, he tells me they will. Or he hands me a different paint brush that would work better, or go to Lowes for the 80th time to pick up 3 more screws, whatever it is. Without him, I couldn’t have done it. Without Kristy, I couldn’t have done it. She has helped me so much telling me which ideas she loves, and which… she doesn’t. She painted my logo in about a 3 foot by 3 foot free hand, it looks awesome. My mom has helped sew some things, my dad is going to be there at 6:00 am to help me set up and 4:00 pm to take it all down again. It really has been a family effort, and I’m so appreciative to all of them. My good friend Lauren volunteered out of no where to help me in the booth that day, getting kids together for the coloring contest, passing out business cards. (the same day I found out Hannah was no longer able to help) That blessed me so much I was almost speechless (I said almost, you know I always have at least something to say ha) this time it was mostly just thank you. She doesn’t have to, but she wants to.

I also could not have done it without my friends who I call clients. The ones that put their trust in me to capture the precious moments of their lives. Without them, I would have nothing to display. So thank you, to everyone in my life who supports me.

I really hope you all will join me Saturday if you can. I talked more about what was actually going to be happening in my booth and at the event here if you are interested. I’m off now to finish up as much as I can today so that tomorrow we can do a dry run to make sure everything holds up and looks awesome like I envision it! Have a lovely day.


4 thoughts on “Should you decide to join us…

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