Chase and Friends :: Murrieta Birthday Party

This year has in photography has held a lot of firsts, my first big wedding, my first booth at fiesta days all by myself, and now my first birthday party. Of course when I’m at birthday parties, I’m usually the first person they hand the camera to, to take pictures of them eating their cake or opening their presents. But this time was more of the real deal. It was also fun to not only be the photographer, but also be a guest. I had to work, but still got to eat! ha! Plus a lot of friends were there too, so it was super fun. Elisabeth did such an amazing job putting everything together. The theme as you will see was Thomas and Friends, everything went together so well. The cake was amazing! Everything was just perfect, I loved it all!

The food was awesome!

Chase waiting for the train to pull up…

Birthday boy and his mama…Cake time!I was laughing here when they were trying to get the top layer off, I think it eventually just toppled off. More cake cuttingI think these are the pieces Dave cut! ha just kiddingha, how could I pass up an opportunity to take a picture of this face!!?Present timeAnother funny moment to me. Ava was minding her own business eating her cupcake and then Chase wanted some. Ava was so kind and willing to share. Little did she know Chase would just stick his whole hand in her frosting!! haha it was so funny for me to watch, I had to take pictures of it.Can you see the fingerprints in her frosting?Ava, “here just have my stick”He has the stick, but still more icing all over his hand! Hi-larious!! Thanks for entertaining me Chase! And Happy Happy Birthday buddy!
I seriously was laughing throughout the whole day, I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoyed myself! OH I need to tell one more story from this day. (I’m pretty sure I told everyone who was there!)I had gotten to Dave & Elisabeth’s a little bit early so that I could take photos of it all set up before guests started arriving. Once I was done I told Elisabeth to finish up what she had to do, that I would hang out with Chase while she did. So we were playing with Buzz and Slinky Dog (once he even threw slinky dog in the air and it landed down right on his head!! But he’s tough so he was fine!) anyway, his best friend Morgan got to the party so he was of course so excited to see her. But when she was walking in he ran over to me and tells Morgan, “Morgan this is Jessica!!!” Okay I know what your all thinking… that’s your story!? But let me tell you as someone who loves kids and loves Chase, that just melted my heart that he was excited to introduce me to his best friend! Okay the end.

Thank you AGAIN Pedders for letting me be part of something so special to your family. I’m excited to do more and more of these parties now that I did my first one.

I hope your all having a fantastic Friday!


One thought on “Chase and Friends :: Murrieta Birthday Party

  1. You’re the best!! I just LOVE you and am so glad you are capturing so many of our memories! Every birthday so far I have always ended up with just a few pictures because it is so hectic.. I am so thrilled that I got so many wonderful and candid shots of the fun! Thank you!!

    Oh and P.S. I loved your story! Ha! So cute how he gets excited now when I tell him we are going to see you! =)

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