Happy Father’s Day

I always give my dad a hard time by telling him that some of the characteristics that I need to work on are his fault because he passed them down to me! But I forget to also tell him that some of the characteristics I have are because of him. Love, passion, forgiveness, strength. For those of you who know my dad, know he is a very passionate person, passionate for the Lord, passionate for his kids (sometimes I feel bad for others because I swear he thinks we are the best thing since sliced bread) haha not really but you get my point. To have a father so passionate about 2 of the most important things you could be passionate about, makes me a very lucky daughter. His example is one that I look up to, he doesn’t do anything without looking to his Heavenly Father.

Because we have such the same personalities, we have our fair share of arguments or “discussions” as he likes to call them. Regardless, when something is happening in my life, he’s one of the first I call. Most of the time I agree with his advice :) ha but nonetheless he always knows everything about my life, and always supports Scott and I in anything we have going on. Scott too knows that he couldn’t have a better father-in-law. (he also knows he’s as special as sliced bread too) Plus he seriously is going to be the BEST grandpa in the world, I can’t wait to see him in action.

Love you dad!


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