Marriage is Fun :: my mom and dad

If you can believe it my parents just celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary June 4th! So in honor to celebrate they wanted to take some Marriage is Fun photos! This might sound funny but I had such a good time shooting these, not only because they are my parents but they are fun people to be around. Although, I was teasing them that it took them a lot longer to get up and sit down that my usual clients! Old farts.

There were a ton that I liked, I tried to narrow it down. I’ll start with one of my favorites..

I love these 2

I think this one is so cute..

And my gorgeous mama
Happy Anniversary, I wish you guys 34 more! Love you guys.


8 thoughts on “Marriage is Fun :: my mom and dad

  1. Thank you Jessica, I seriously don’t know how the two women in my life have put up with me so long, Praise The Lord for the grace he has taught you both. I continue to learn wonderful things from both of you !! It was fun to take these photos thank you so much ♥

    • Good Jamie, I’ll make you an 8 X 10 for your house !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait never mind you’ll stick it in the bathroom ;) ♥

  2. What an awesome Celebration of ♥! You can definitely tell that they are still in ♥ 34 years later! God Bless the next 34! ♥ u guys ~ and awesome pics Jessica :)

  3. Aaawwwwww!!!!! I love these!!! How come your beautiful mom looks so much younger than your handsome dad? jk!!! MISS YOU GUYS!!! We shall come and visit!! =))))

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