Kiss me on my Shoulder

Just a tiny dedication to my love. We’ve been going through a lot lately, and this song always makes me think of him. When we were waaay younger I would always tell him to kiss me on my shoulder.

2 things though, I made up the words a little bit, when she says, “this doesn’t even sound like truth, to grow from a bruise.” just believe me when I say those are the words. (it’s suppose to say group but that doesn’t make sense for my life so I’m changing it) I like to think of our troubles as bruises. They are here for a little while, but… “this too shall pass”, kind of like a bruise. Second thing, you can skip the end part. He hasn’t given up on me yet, annnnd I’m pretty sure he’s not going to, in fact I know he won’t :) But anyway, I love it, and I love my husband so very much. Hope your Tuesday is going well.


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