If you want my advice…

Which I am not saying you do, but if you happen to want my advice on what to wear. I’ll give it to you. I get asked a lot about clothing for sessions, so I thought I’d try and pull some things together that I think would look super cute. I have 2 favorite colors right now, pale pink, and navy blue.

My first inspiration board is pink and grey. (as you can tell from my website and blog that I love this color combination!) Everything I’ve bought lately has either been grey or pink. Oh and side note, I didn’t include mens clothing, well because fortunately for them, they can throw on shorts and a t-shirt and look handsome (luckys!)

Now keep in mind this is my first time putting together something like this. When I was half-way through I realized I should have been saving my sources for all of these wonderful outfits. So please accept my apology that I don’t have the links for the top board. I did find all of them by searching women or children’s fashion/clothing through Pinterest. (at the time I started this project I wasn’t a member of pinterest so I didn’t pin them or else I would have the sources) Anyway, I love, love all of the outfits and wish I could own them and not only that, but I can imagine these in family portraits for really any location I’ve been too, a field or a park, the beach would be awesome!

This next board I decided to go with a recently favorite color of mine, navy blue and added splashes of yellow. I love polka dots and who doesn’t love stripes! That outfit on the little guy is adorable! His outfit plus that little yellow dress with the bow is so cute and I can totally picture it together in a family photo!

For this board you will find the sources for each of these outfits here, here, here and here.

The next board is for an engagement session. For each engagement session I usually suggest something casual along with something a little more dressy, that way she has a variety to pick from. The summer dresses that are out these days are perfect! I even like white dresses, after all, you are the bride! But I love color too. Just wanted to show you a few of both that I loved. I think that burnt orange would look beautiful in photographs! And who doesn’t love a little lace these days!? The lace dress would be gorgeous, and those strappy sandals are perfect! Of course there is the pink I love. And the last one is a bit different than the others, but I know a few girls that could pull that one off. (ahem, Kathleen Angelone) And actually I just did an engagement session where my bride had a big floppy hat (ps which I can’t wait to share it!) although I do wish I saw this photo beforehand, she could have worked that angle as well! I could never do it, but I love the vintage look that last photo has and think it would be super cute in a session!

Sources are here, here, here and here.

Lastly, the other session I get asked about a lot is maternity.When I was searching on pinterest for maternity inspiration a lot of photos linked to other photographer’s websites, so I’ll include their sites down below and you can head over there if you’d like to see the full sessions. I’ve also included a couple from my shoots because I love the looks. Another color I do happen to love is mustard yellow! So perfect for our area over here too because we do have a lot of brown brush around! Looks super cute! Since maternity is all about the belly you have and the baby growing inside of it, I love to focus on the bare belly.. a lot! So that’s what the next two are. I love jeans and a t-shirt and I love wraps. And then here’s our lace again, of course! Lastly, cowboy boots! Yes. I love them! Her theme in her baby’s room was western/Woody from Toy Story so we went with the boots and it was absolutely perfect! I love putting a theme to shoots, whatever type they are!

You can look these ones up here, here, here and the 2 on the outside bottom you can find on my blog.

Sooo, I think that will do it! Do you like my fashion advice? Was it helpful? It was a lot of fun to work on, it took more time than I thought it would, but so worth it because I’m really happy with how it looks. (remember my profession is photography, and not fashion or graphic design (I know my boards are uneven and funky)) but that’s okay! And in the meantime I’ve fallen quickly in love with Pinterest (I know that I am very behind, but I’ve been avoiding it because I knew I’d become obsessed) but if your on Pinterest and want to follow me, you can search jessie_rose22! I’ll follow you too!

Also, I am really excited because I’m going to be working in collaboration with a couple friends on a new project that I am super excited about!! I want to do it right so it’s going to take some planning on our part but I can already hardly wait! (I’m sooo impatient it’s bad!) But anyway, I’ll keep you updated as the projects gets closer to being released!

Tonight is my last night helping with VBS at my church and I’m sort of bummed. I’ve had such a fun time, I really do have the best little group. They’re polite, and sweet and full of energy! It is an exhausting task, but to see little one sing and dance and praise God is an awesome experience! I hope you all have a great weekend!!


One thought on “If you want my advice…

  1. This is such a helpful post!!! I think I shall take your fashion advice on more of a daily basis, I guess I already do that though!

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