Menifee Newborn Photography :: Kenzie

For a long time I had been terrified of newborns, I mean they are so tiny and fragile, your always afraid you are going to hurt them somehow. But once my nephew was born, holding him everyday for the first weeks of his life totally changed my perspective on those little humans. While they are still fragile, I’ve realized how beautiful and strong they are. I’ve not only fallen in love with my nephew, but all newborns. Kenzie is no exception, she is so precious. I was so excited to get to see little Kenzie and her family after she was born.

This first one is my favorite.. I think, although the last one runs a very close second.

I just love this one of her feet

See, you love it right!?Congratulations on yet another beautiful baby! She’s wonderful

On another note, I’m sorry for my lack of blogging. I know I always seem to make up excuses, but you know.. there just never seems to be a dull moment in the Williams’ household. I would actually prefer that to the constant life changing events that have taken place over the past year ;) I’m working on a post to try and explain what I’m feeling (haha but you know me, I feel a lot, and talk a lot so it might take a while!) Plus I have tons of amazing sessions to share as well!! Anyhoo, hope your day is going great! Thanks for reading!


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