Love, Love, Love :: Cassia + Mason

I’ve been trying to think of different things I could say about Cassia and Mason for a while now. I could say all the usual, “they are awesome”, “they are so sweet together” and it would all be true. But getting to spend time with them during their engagement session and after has been so fun. I hadn’t known Cassia too much before this, and she is seriously the sweetest. I was trying to type out what I see in Cassia in the short time since I’ve known her. My words keep getting jumbled, but I see beauty, and I see confidence, and I see a heart for Mason that would make anyone melt. She’s super laid back, and silly, honestly the best combination EVER! You know those women who are already beautiful on the outside, and then you get to know them and they are even more so because of their personality, that’s Cassia! And Mason, I’ve known him a little longer and what can I say, he’s funny. haha no that isn’t all he has going for him. Although anyone who knows him probably thinks he’s hilarious (he’s the kind of guy who says a joke, everyone is laughing but him) he knows he’s funny but he’s too good at keeping a straight face after he busts a joke, I love it! Don’t tell anyone but Mason is sweet too, I can tell he makes Cassia laugh, and during our session he would whisper to Cassia and she would look at him and laugh, it was so cute and fun to see. I can see the Lord through Mason, and through his love for Cassia, it’s awesome! I’m sure that is why I enjoyed watching them together as much as I did. Oh did I tell you, they’re getting married this coming and Sunday, and I photographing the wedding!!? They’re crazy to pick me, but I’m really excited for it, especially after hanging out for their engagement photos!

Gosh I sure do know how to talk! I’ll just say one more thing, I love all their photos!! Especially the ones towards the end of the night, the lighting was gorgeous!

See, what did I say, gorgeous!

These next 2 are my absolute favorite!

Can’t possibly end with a better one..

Cassia & Mason you guys are so fun to be around and I absolutely cannot wait to be there to witness your love with all of your family and friends. I hope your last week of wedding planning goes lovely just like you are! xoxo j.


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