This is what happens when

my brother steals my camera. A bunch of random (under exposed) pictures! But they are funny so I might as well post them. (we went to Julian on Sunday to have lunch and walk around and it was a lot of fun!) I suppose this gives us a glimpse of us through his eyes ;)

I’m not sure if it was his intention to photograph this lady or what??

He gets this look alot from her..

I don’t enjoy my picture being taken as you can tell.

And what do I do after he steals my camera? I post a picture of him letting everyone know he’s single, and if your interested to post a comment down below.

ha I’m hilarious. Here’s our small group, self-timer baby!Scott and I have been trying to get out a little more than we have before. Just random trips and it’s been so fun! This trip to Julian was no exception, I’ve said it before, I’ll probably say it again after this, but I have the best friends in the world..


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