Menifee Child Photography :: Madelyn

Here I am, on the other side of yet another wedding. Sunday Cassia + Mason got hitched and asked me to photograph it (I know crazy right!) It was beautiful, and so far the most relaxed I’ve felt at a wedding, but I was exhausted for sure. So since my brain still isn’t thinking all too clearly, and because this little girl needs no introduction since she is wonderful, this is Madelyn. You probably remember her newborn sessions here and here, but now she is 5 months old! She gets more and more beautiful every time that I see her. (oh yeah I said I would skip the introductions, but I can’t help it!) Anyway, ALL of these are my favorites, she is such a pretty baby I couldn’t help it.

Now I love my a cute hair bow or flower, but I love these because it’s just her, all natural beautiful baby. I just want to kiss her cheeks! These next 3 are my absolute favorite!

Big brother

BUT, I do love this headband, gorgeous! And see, pretty baby girl right!?We’ll be seeing her again soon, time flies so fast it’ll already be time for her 6-7 month photos very soon! I already have an idea for something I want to try, hopefully it’ll work out and I can find what I’m looking for!

Have a good day!


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