Lake Elsinore Family Photography :: The Chatwin Family

I’ve been really excited to share these family photos, first because I love how they turned out, but second it’s a fun story (for me at least) Remember all my mumbo jumbo about Fiesta Days? At my booth I had a coloring contest for the kiddos, but I also had a photography session giveaway for the moms! I’m not gonna lie, I seriously thought twice about rigging the contest to pick a winner that I remembered from that day. Buuut my conscious got the best of me and I decided to pick someone the right way. So I said a prayer, rustled some papers around and picked a name. April Chatwin, little did I know that the Chatwin family would quickly become of my all time favorite clients. I promise, they are the sweetest peeps in the world! Curt owns a landscaping business, you should check out his website and call him if you need a new facelift for your yard!

So as usual I’ve talked and talked, but instead of me talking I’m sure you’d prefer to see some photos! Here they are, all of my favorites!

I told Bailey that only she looks great in a head lock!I love these next 3..But this one is my favorite of those two together!Thank you thank you thank you Chatwin family for doing a drive-thru my booth that day because I’m so happy to have met you. I can’t wait for the next time we get to hang out!

ps. I’ll be out for a few days so I’m having a special guest blogger, a friend dear to my heart Kathleen. She’s blogged for another friend of ours and I just loved it! So I thought I’d share her with all of you. So stop by tomorrow and give her some love!

xoxo j.


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