It’s Birthday time around here..

Today is Scott’s 30th birthday!! Whoohoo! It’s crazy to think back and remember what I “thought” our lives would be like by the time we hit the big 3-0. Let me just tell you that it is NOTHING like what I imagined. But you know what, I’m okay with that. We are in love, are healthy and unbelievably blessed.

If you’ve followed my blog even for a month, you can probably get an idea of what type of guy my husband is. He’s determined, loyal, hard working, loving and dedicated. Trust me, I do know how lucky I am that he picked me.

That is us at the OC Fair about a month ago, it’s my favorite picture of him right now, he just looks so cute!

He doesn’t ever read my blog so I’m able to do this, but I’m surprising him tonight by having our friends over for cake and ice cream. He and I are going to dinner first and they’ll all come over while we’re gone and decorate (yes I have the best friends EVER!) I don’t really like surprises, they make me super anxious. Hopefully I can eat my dinner without being too excited. I don’t think he expects a thing, so it’s fun! (ps. if you know him and will talk to him today you better NOT mention one peep to him, or I’ll get you!) I know, I’m scary. Here’s an action shot of his cake being made, and his little banner I made him for the girls to hang up while we’re gone!

So fun! I hope our surprise works! Have a wonderful day!


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