Lake Matthews Family Photography :: Jose + Valerie

Good morning! In case you are wondering how our little surprise party went last night. The actual party went great, the surprise.. notsomuch. Keeping that surprise actually made my day kind of bad, I overheard his conversations on the phone throughout the day and knew that he knew from those conversations. So instead of just stressing out more, I just told him what was going on! I know, I know. Never again will I attempt this with him. When we got to the house, he ended up going to the back door, and surprised everyone who was trying to surprise him!! Yes that’s my husband, the trickster. It was fun though, and every time we get together I realized yet again how blessed we are to have the friends we do.

But anyway, without further rambling from me, meet Jose + Valerie. Valerie is the mother of my clients Denae and Aleena, remember them from last Christmas? The photoshoot with the motorcycle and the two doggies, you can go here if you missed it. She is engaged to marry Jose, they tried to get the entire family together but it didn’t work out this time, maybe next. But we were able to get Jose’s kids and grandkids in on this one and had a blast! There were so many, of course it was hard to narrow down but here they are. I will start right away with my favorite of Valerie and Jose.

This little guy is so cute! Look at his GQ face. These kids are adorable!Another of my favorites of the day.This is hilarious, we did silly, and Valerie almost went backwards to the floor. Everyone’s face is priceless. Love all of these last ones.You guys have a great family, thank you for letting me be a part of this time. love, j


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