Adiós me voy de vacaciones!

In case you didn’t get that the first time, Bye I’m going on vacation!! Sooo, we booked our vacation yesterday, and we’re leaving tomorrow! I know crazy right. We’re taking full advantage of Scott being off for this time. Him not having to worry about every move he makes being judged or determining his future in the fire department. I kind of feel like we’re catching up on the last 6 years of marriage in the past month! We’ve never really gone on spontaneous vacations, or really done much at all because of our hectic schedules, or Scott’s mandatory guidelines for volunteering or job constrictions. It’s been wonderful! His family owns property in Mexico, near Puerta Vallarta. His parents had the trip planned and had been begging us to go (well mostly begging Scott) and the last minute we said, what the heck, let’s do it!

But that was my suitcase as of about an hour ago! There were certain things I absolutely HAD to get done before I left so I wasn’t able to even think about packing until an hour ago.. It looks a little better now, but the airline we are going on (we’re flying from TJ to Puerta Vallarta) only allows your luggage to be 33lbs.. is that even possible!? It’s going to mostly be a relaxing vacation, hanging out on the beach, or snorkeling, so I shouldn’t need much. I’m hoping the 33lbs won’t be a problem.

The only thing that’s somewhat bad (not really but to an obsessed Auntie) is I won’t get to see my little Jaxon for a whole week! So I made sure to go over there today and spend a little time with him.

He’s so cute. Okay well I’m off.. Have to finish getting packed and ready and my brother is going to be house sitting and watching the dogs while we’re gone so we need to put gas in the car and fill up the pantry! Happy Wednesday everybody, see you next week with a tan hopefully!

Oh and ps. One of my good friends is due to have her baby at any second.. Don’t tell her but I’m really hoping she doesn’t have her until I get back. (but she’s 2 days past her due date, so I have a feeling she will!)


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