Fallbrook Wedding Photographer :: Cassia + Mason

Oh my goodness gracious it feels like forever since I’ve been anywhere even close to the internet! Our vacation was excellent, nice and relaxing. Just what we needed, about a month ago we went to Laughlin to satisfy our need to “get away” from life and all that it entails these days, when we got back though we weren’t really satisfied, but after that calm vacation, we are. (well I am, the crazy guy to my right is looking up vacations in Hawaii!) He swears he never has to go get a job! (wink, wink totally kidding because we all know my man is awesome!)

But we’re back, and I’m back to work finally. And I’ve got an awesome wedding to share! Yes I said it, a wedding. It’s taken me a while to get this one all completely done, (please forgive me Scott’s) but it’s here and ready. I can’t say I totally slacked, I did show them the pretty website I made especially for them (I’ll share later) but now I can actually say that I am done, done. As usual, I’ve rambled. Please check out their photos and let me know what you think! Should I even keep doing these silly weddings!? :) I love all of them!

This cute doggie was hanging out with the girls for a while!My assistant for the day Kathleen captured this amazing shot of their first kiss..Beautiful reception details..Yes there needs to be 2 photos of the gorgeous chandeliers! I love these next two during this speech!Okay so I know this is random, and sort of out of focus. But it’s hilarious! Not only is Hannah victoriously celebrating the catching of the bouqet. But take a look at her dad way in the background. I don’t think he wants to pay for another wedding quite yet. haha, seriously the funniest thing ever!!!!Now on to my favorite partAnother gorgeous shot by KathleenAnd.. now onto their website.. I’m sure I’ve bragged about Show-it before but I now have to brag about their +sites. Basically you are creating sub-sites from your main website, you can create a new one for every client if you choose. I’ve started doing them for my senior clients as well as weddings. This is by far my favorite one. This is a screen capture for the home page, you can go here to see the full site, and you should, it’s pretty awesome!

Cassia and Mason, it has been my pleasure to come alongside of you two during this special, special time in your lives. You two are amazing, and I cannot wait to watch your marriage grow, as well as your family. (yes that means babies, they will be beautiful)

Oh yes back to the lovely couple, Mr. and Mrs. Scott, as a season married person (6 years this October thankyouverymuch) I can tell you that it will not always be easy, but will always be worth it. Don’t take your eyes off of the most important thing, the Lord. Embrace the challenges and learn from the trials, let them make your marriage stronger. Everything that happens in your life is a lesson to learn together, I love you very much and know that I am always here. xoxo j.


3 thoughts on “Fallbrook Wedding Photographer :: Cassia + Mason

  1. Hmmmm…. let me just getting started, I love the first black and white one of Mason getting his boutonniere, I love their hand holding during their first kiss, I also love Hannah’s dad’s reaction (tooooo funny), and I can’t even choose a favorite from all those last ones! Yikes! Love them! Congrats Mason & Cassia!

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