My weekend in Video

Happy Monday! My friend Kathleen does this on her blog, she videos her week (plus of course instagram) and puts it together for a short video. I think it’s fun for nothing more than just adding to our online journal to be able to look back and remember.. ALL of last week I had a cold and didn’t feel like doing much, so mine is only for my weekend. As you can tell if you watch it, I spent most of the weekend with my most favorite tiny people.. as well as the normal sized ones. Good weekend in my book..

ps. thankyou thankyou for all of you who have been praying for me and our baby. It always amazes me (which it shouldn’t!) but just how much love I feel when I’m going through something, good or bad. I’ve felt so much love and prayer, it’s awesome! I still do not have a doctor’s appointment as of yet because of insurance, but it’s soo early still that I’m okay with that. It’ll happen in God’s timing, I trust that 100%.

Have a fantastic week! I’ll be back soon with a new family portrait session to share! xoxo j.


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