Assumptions – No Bueno

Please excuse my spanglish, since we went to Mexico I am determined to speak it more.  I’m not really sure why I feel compelled to write a blog post about assumption, it’s just been on my heart.

Trust me, I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to this so maybe I’m writing it because it’s something I need to learn about. I tried to Google statistics on assuming the worst but maybe they’ve never done a study on that kind of thing because I couldn’t find it. Without seeing any solid proof, I can pretty confidently say that 90% of the time when we assume the worst, we are wrong. A couple of the articles or comments I did see when I was looking was people saying that it’s okay to assume the worst, because then you aren’t disappointed! Whoa, no! Who wants to live their lives thinking badly so that you aren’t even more disappointed, I think the gift of life God gave us shouldn’t be lived that way. But maybe that’s just me.

Think back to a time that you made an assumption towards the negative, instead of looking for the positive.. were you right? Probably not. I know this is kind of a lame post, and I don’t have really anything inspiring to say about it, except for let’s all try not to assume the worst. I say we give the person the benefit of the doubt (especially if it’s our husband, family or closest friends.. we should know better how much they love us) and think positively instead of negatively the next time! Sound good?

I wasn’t looking but I saw this on pinterest, and thought it was appropriate for this post.

And now for a pregnancy/life update, we decided to go with medi-cal for the time being for our insurance. Or should I say we tried to go with medi-cal, because we were denied because we made $27 too much! On unemployment! Sounds a little strange to me.. Soo, then I was going to try Healthy Families, nope sorry can’t because my Dr. doesn’t take that (if it’s up to me I would do anything to keep my same doctor) so it looks like now we are going with AIM. Or at least attempt it anyway, I sent all of the paperwork in plus some money, and prayed. You might think I’m crazy, but I’m not worried. To be honest, I don’t really want to go in just yet anyway. I’d rather wait another couple of weeks when without a doubt we’ll be able to see our baby (with my luck I’d go in at 6 or 7 and they wouldn’t be able to see it, even if everything was fine!) God knows me perfectly, and I think He’s worked it all out this way. Something else if I’m honest, I’d feel better about AIM because at least I’m paying something, I know there are so many people who take advantage of medi-cal and I kinda felt weird about it anyway. I know that AIM is still a way better deal than most people get, but at least we’d be paying something..

So there you go, just in case you were wondering :) xoxoxo j.


2 thoughts on “Assumptions – No Bueno

  1. They (Medi-cal) didn’t seem to care that i, a college student not getting financial aid, had no job and no cash but all the need to see a Doctor. Even when i was just healthy i got denied, then again when i needed emergency care. It does not seem so much how much money you have but whether you are in their general class of need for Medi-cal. I.E. Teen pregnant or foster youth, including the Foster youths parents seeking custody. They seem to get Medi-cal more easily.

  2. We have our fingers crossed for you….We have been down that road many times and finally we are pregnant with Cayson and only have 2 months to go. I know its rough but hang in there. We were wary about going to the doc too, so soon. Just take it easy and try not to stress to much!…Praying for ya, The Mccannon’s

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