My Weekly Video

Okay so here’s my first full week video. Hopefully it’s not too boring..

Here’s what I did. Finally went to see my friends baby who was born 3 weeks ago, started a sewing project (I’ll post the DIY soon) We went to Sea World (of course we stopped at Rosa’s to eat on the way!) (please excuse my nasty voice micro-managing Scott while he’s walking on the rope ladder) Went to a little munchkin soccer game. Spent some time in a hospital waiting room waiting for little Josiah to be born. (I thought the look of all the technology in the room was hilarious, what did we do before this?) An outfit shot, and lunch with friends.. I was so bummed this morning when I realized I didn’t get any shots from our dinner last night. We were at my parents and they have this huge dinner table that fits like 8 and there was like 9 of us! It was awesome! You will just have to picture that one on your own..

Definitely a great week!! I hope yours was just as perfect!


One thought on “My Weekly Video

  1. I love the pet show and Andy loves spraying people on the rapid ride!! Did Jaxon recognize them go by?? I can’t wait to actually BE in one of these videos after next weekend!

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