It’s all about trust :: Corona Senior Photography

When Jim and I were discussing locations for his son’s senior photo shoot, we talked first about the beach but decided against it. I told him that I would find something cool that was in between him and I, and then let him know where to go the day before our appointment. So I went scouting off of Temescal Canyon Road and spotted what I thought was pretty much perfect for a young football player. But maybe to a normal person, or to dad, it might look ridiculous. So I called Jim up, and told him, “ok, I found an awesome spot, I’m sending the location to your phone, it might not look like much when you pull up buuuut your going to have to trust me!” He was totally fine with it, and we ended up here and I think it’s perfect!

We also grabbed this little firecracker for a photo or two, this is James’ sister Jessi.
I’m just gonna say it, whether or not James ends up with a football career, he also needs to model! He’s so good as a GQ!Meet Jake.This is now by far my favorite senior boy shoot! Hope you enjoyed it too!

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