A Dr. Suess themed baby shower

A few weeks ago we had a baby shower for my sister-in-law Grace. I was fishing around to her for a theme for her shower a while back and I found out that she loves Dr. Suess. I just knew that would be perfect, there is so much you can do with that. I didn’t want to theme it after one book in particular, but as many as I could incorporate. I got tons of compliments on how it turned out and Grace seemed to have great time, success in my book! I did however, sort of fail as a photographer that day. I don’t necessarily feel I totally captured the entire shower as it was when we were there. So I’m sorry if the photos seem lacking. But I did want to share what I do have.

Something I didn’t get was the centerpieces for the tables, I had different fishies to represent the book One Fish, Two Fish. (I am still paying for that decoration, I was able to give away all but one fish. That fish is still swimming in it’s bowl on my counter) Those things sure last longer than I thought!Testing the exposure for the photo booth..
You can tell we all love photo booths.. every single one of these make me smile
This is so funny, I love Kathleen’s face!I love this photo for many reasons, one being that four of us are pregnant :)Mama Grace and baby EmeryI can hardly wait to meet baby Emery, my little brother was such a cute baby, I can’t wait to see if Emery looks like him, I guess I just can’t wait to see him period.. Love you my little Shukwit Family of 3!


3 thoughts on “A Dr. Suess themed baby shower

  1. Yay yay yay! So much fun!!! It was a very great shower. those photo booth pictures crack me up! I think my favorite though is the way Kat is looking at Jamie when Jamie is putting the backdrop around Kat’s neck!

  2. Ha ha this babe shower was so adorable! Good job Jess. Plus I loved the photo shoot! Now in regards to your “4 pregnant people” picture. I wish you wouldn’t have told everyone I was pregnant. I was trying to keep it a secret ; ) love you! P.S You’re very talented at life!

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