Lake Elsinore Newborn Photography :: Josiah Dixon

How many times I have I said how much I love newborns!? This little guy is no exception! Meet Josiah Dixon, Josh and McKensie’s most precious new gift. For some reason I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this little guy, we all got married the same year so we’ve always talked about babies and I knew when the time was right McKensie was going to be a great mom! I think God gives us gifts when He knows we need it the most, He always knows better than us when that is. Although Josiah made McKensie work for her gift, something crazy like 24 hours of labor! (with no epidural ladies!) And now, without any further adieu or rambling from me, here are a ton of little Josiah at 8 days old.

I seriously LOVE the next 6!!Yes, this is a real sheepskin rug, and we did good, no accidents at all!How could I have forgot to add this one? Baby and mommy. I love it!Josh and McKensie, thank you for choosing me to capture such an amazing time in your lives, I’m honored. You have a beautiful family, and I can’t wait to see it keep growing.


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