Menifee Child Photography :: Jaxon

I’ve probably said this before, actually I’m know I have but 6 months is my absolute favorite time to photograph kids. They are really starting to get their personalities, plus they are still sort of immobile so it’s even better! Oh and it makes it all the better when the 6 month old is my nephew! This was so fun and there are so many that I love!

Had to throw in one with the Rams jersey because I bought that for him before he was born.And this has to be the!! I really do laugh out loud when I see it!I just love all of these too!! I’m pretty sure he thinks his auntie is hilarious!Here is my blackmail picture for Jaxon when he goes on his first date!And then there’s this one.. he doesn’t care for tummy timeI love him so much!

Oh and a quick baby update, I was approved for insurance yay! So I’ll be going to the dr. this week to make sure everything is good to go! So pray, pray! I cannot wait whether it is this time or another, but to think about the baby and plan for the future. I’ve done so well (only with God’s helping hand) at not worrying for the past weeks, but if I start to even think about finding out whether they are a boy or girl or anything in the future really, I’ll stop myself. Not because I’m worrying, but just being cautious for now. So I’m excited to get to the point someday where I am able to plan.


2 thoughts on “Menifee Child Photography :: Jaxon

  1. Your best photo shoot ever. Love them ALL. I think if I had to pick a favorite it would be the second, the one in black and white. But really they are all amazing. You really captured his personality at this age! Amazing job!

  2. I agree! The best photo shoot ever….and not because he is my son, but because auntie is an AMAZING photographer! I love them all….it is going to be very hard to put an album together :) Thanks Jess!

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