We saw our little bean!!!

Today is going to go into the record books as one of the best days of my life. Everything is okay and healthy with our baby! Praise the Lord! My goodness I was a mess this morning waiting for that ultra sound! Deep down I knew that everything was okay this time, but I did still let those bad thoughts creep into my head this morning. I’ve been telling Scott since we left the office that I wish I could just sit all day and watch our baby wiggle around, and listen to that quick little beat of their heart! I know that I can’t, so I’ll just sit and stare at this picture that doesn’t do justice to what a beautiful sight we saw this morning. But I’m okay with that. Gosh I feel like I am floating on air. I’ve never been so thankful for a gift in my life.

I’m not really sure looking at this little picture of a beetle (as Jamie called hers! That is really what they look like at this stage!) does anything for anyone else… but for me, it’s love at first sight.

I go one more time in 2 weeks just because of my previous experiences, but after that I will have doctor’s appointments like any other normal pregnant lady! The dr said this is a completely different pregnancy, everything looks perfect! So I’m taking that to the bank! Thank you for following my story, and for coming along side and praying for us. I could never express my appreciation.

And thank you Lord, to you all the Glory!!

ps. Instead of buying a pre-made baby book I wanted to get a blank journal. One that I could write my thoughts, add photos, maybe put in my favorite receipts. That way later when they are grown up it’s something I’ll be able to give to them to always have. I love it already.


3 thoughts on “We saw our little bean!!!

  1. I was wondering if that’s what that was for last night!! I love your little bean and will continue to pray for his or her health for the rest of their life. Love you Mama J!

  2. There are many joys as a parent, as kids get older they understand things they didnt when they were younger…. The love of a parent is never understood until one is a parent themselves.
    It’s that ah ha moment after that child is born and the word love itself doesn’t begin to explain the thoughts and feelings. It’s that knowledge that no matter what they do or become, there was always that moment when they were a baby, that you never forget………. Yes our “baby” is having a “baby”. Praise God from whom all blessings flow……

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