Where do I even begin about this girl? I mean I know I’ve blogged her more than I have any of my other friends. All of my friends are beautiful, there’s just something about Kathleen. She photographs so beautifully, she’s so photogenic! Kathleen has a personality like no one else I know, she’s funny and witty, caring with an edge all her own. I love shooting with Kathleen because it helps me become a better photographer, I feel like I am able to take more risks with her because we are just playing around.

I’m not even going to tell you where this spot is because you’ll never believe me. Okay it’s down the street from me in Quail Valley! These next three are so similar but I love all of them equally!! And I played around with the editing differently on them. She’s gorgeous!And last but not least, Kathleen + the sun. I’m not sure what I think about this one..Kathleen I love you my dear friend. I’m excited for this upcoming year for many, many reasons. Thank you for always being a great assistant, and for always making me laugh! xoxo j.


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