We saw baby again!!

For whatever reason, I’d actually been a little bit more nervous waiting for this appointment than waiting for the first one. Don’t ask me why! But our baby is healthy and wonderful and the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen! I love that this picture shows the healthy heartbeat! I feel like I’ve waited all my life to hear my own baby’s heart. These aren’t the best pictures actually, but their face is on the left, then belly and leg on the right.This next one is so cute! It’s a view from the top, and (she) or he :) has their little legs crossed! If the baby is a girl, she’s already a proper little lady! So depending on who you ask, they say that something you can look at before your actually able to tell the sex of the baby is by the heart rate. Boys tend to have lower heart rates because they tend to be bigger, while girls are higher. Ours was 167 the first time, Friday it was 162.. I don’t know! But I’m thinking it’s a girl :)) I am so blessed and will be so thankful for whatever that little precious baby is! It’s still fun to try and guess though. And we’ll see if the heart rate thing works for me like it has for some of my other friends!


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