Things that have changed since being pregnant

For realsies this time.. The other 2 times I was pregnant, I mean I know I still carried what would have been the baby, but obviously it was completely different from this time where I am fully, totally pregnant.. for reals. I’ve never been so happy to say something like I’m about to say, I’m about a week away from my second trimester exclamation mark, exclamation mark!!

The things I have noticed that have changed since being pregnant are:

Sometimes even at 11:00 am I am so tired I feel like I could fall asleep where I am sitting, or standing.

Headaches, lots of them. They aren’t super bad though, and I’ll take that over being hunched over the toilet like some of my other friends.

For the past couple weeks I’ve been doing this weird hiccup/burp thing at totally random times. There’s almost always one right when I get out of bed in the morning. Sounds like something our friend John Seneff does.. totally unattractive for a girl.

I get this weird pulling feeling behind and around the area of belly button. Have no other description than that, kinda strange.

As of recently, some of my older jeans are a little snug..

Pregnancy brain. Enough said.

Oh and weird, weird dreams.

I’m sure there are more, but those are what instantly pop out in my mind when I think about what’s changed. And let me just tell you, I will take THEM ALL! I love knowing that our baby is growing inside of me and I’m excited to experience every single change that happens during this time (I know, I know, I say this now, but wait)


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