My husband, the one and only

I mostly wanted to share this post because I never want to forget how I feel. If I’m ever frustrated with Scott, or am thinking during labor how much I despise this man who got me pregnant, or whatever the circumstance might be.. Maybe, possibly I’ll remember this time.

Scott and I were at his parents house the other day (as we usually are) and I was being difficult (as I usually am) trying to decide what we should all have for dinner. They bought chicken fried steak, I heard chicken and thought that’s what we were having. No its steak, well I want chicken. Okay Jess gets chicken.. anyway, after Scott and his dad slave over the dinner and I’m happily eating my chicken. I see Scott take a full plate into his hard working, now resting mom. (I tear up now just remembering) maybe it’s the extra hormones I don’t know, but I start crying and of course he thinks I’m crazy. I tell him how much I love him, and how much I wish I could be more self-less like him. I am constantly reminded how much like Jesus my husband is in the simplest of ways. It might sound silly to anyone else, all he did was bring a plate into his mom. But to me, it was everything he did that day, he does everyday, and how he serves other before himself. I am so unbelievably blessed, I did nothing to deserve the life I have, but you better believe I thank God every day for it.

Hope your all having a great weekend!


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