Lake Elsinore Newborn Photography :: Emery Matthias (aka my nephew)

Well we all know how obsessed I have been with Scott’s sister’s baby.. now I’m really in trouble because my baby brother had a baby! It truly is bizarre to be staring at a little baby and see so much of my own brother in him. It’s amazing. Brian and Grace you did well! I must also mention, Emery definitely made Grace work very, very hard to meet him. She was in labor for (oh man don’t kill me Grace if I give less time!) 32 hours! Pushing for the last hour and a half! Can I just say, nothankyou! But I’m sure if you ask her, this little guy was worth every hour. He came out at 8lbs 12 oz and 21 inches tall. I couldn’t wait to get ahold of him for a photo shoot! I love these very much.

He had a grandpa forehead here, we quickly figured out it was a little bright for him.Umm, love this. With my whole heart.Baby feet, and a little smileAgain.. love.Congratulations you guys! You are so blessed. We love your little family of 3 so much. xoxo. your sister


3 thoughts on “Lake Elsinore Newborn Photography :: Emery Matthias (aka my nephew)

  1. Okay so I know recently I said that I declared my favorite newborn session of yours but I am switching to this one! What a cutie!

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