Riverside Family Photography :: Jess, Leisa & Family

I’m so excited to share this session! Leisa and I have talked about getting together for a session oh for over a year now, so I was so glad when we finally nailed down a time and place. We were going to go near the orange groves right by their house in Riverside. I parked in their driveway and we walked and talked right on over to our spot. It was perfect! It’s really cool because I have known Jess forever! I won’t say exactly how long only because it would make the both of us sound pretty darn old. I will say that I believe we met our freshman year of high school! Crazy! And I’ve known Leisa for almost as long, a few years shy maybe. So it has been awesome seeing them grow together and build their family! Plus, they are just yet another family who has been praying for us and this little baby we have been blessed with. So, to say I was excited to see them is a understatement.

They also wanted to incorporate Jess’ truck into the shoot as well. And I love that! Everything about this day was wonderful, the location, the weather, the family! So fun! So yes, I will finally stop rambling and post the photos, here are all of my absolute favorites! These girls are so cute! Leisa and the girls are always outside! They have this amazing garden in their backyard which they were kind enough to show me. They are not afraid to get some dirt under the nails and I love that! (I need a few lessons on that myself!)Both Leisa and I’s favorite family shot..DevanAnd big sister Brooke..And this next set… is what I get when I tell Leisa to let Jess dip her.. “Show me some romance Leisa!” So funny and so cute at the same time!Love it! And love you guys! I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!

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