Today is an exciting day for us..

Today we are going to a gender ultra sound!! I am part excited/part nervous. Nervous that it’s too early and they won’t be able to tell (I’m 14 weeks and 3 days) and the other part of course over the moon excited to find out what we’re having, and to know if my gut feeling is right. There is a little twist, we are doing a gender reveal party. So although the sonographer will know what we’re having, we won’t! Until after 7 o’clock tonight!! We are having a friends sister bake a cake and once we cut open the cake tonight, pink or blue, we’ll know what we’re having!

One of my closest friends is pregnant as well, about 4 weeks ahead of me so we’re actually having our little gender reveal parties together. It’s a little different for them though, they already know. The reveal part is for all of us! She’s known for a while now, I don’t know how she has been able to keep it a secret (actually I do know her husband accidentally told someone, but they wouldn’t tell me who!) I think today is going to be the longest day ever just waiting until 7:00!

So cross your fingers that our baby will be super active and will show us the pink or the blue! I quite possibly might be doing cartwheels in their office to get the baby to wake up and move around!! haha!

{hopefully someone will get a video and some pictures of our event, I’ll share tomorrow if they do!}

Have a good day!!


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