Gender Reveal

So if you follow me on facebook then you already know, but if you don’t here’s our answer to what our precious baby is.

Can you believe it!? I couldn’t! My gut feeling ALL along was that this baby was a girl (sorry son!) so I think I was in shock until this morning. I am so, so unbelievably thankful for this baby, I just totally thought it was a girl. I have no ideas for a boy anything! Except a name, I’ve had that picked out for years. (I’ll share that another time)

If I really want to describe how I feel, I seem to fumble around with my words. Pure happiness might be a start. And awe. I’m in awe. As you could tell, Jamie who we did our reveal with is also having a boy (their 2nd boy) and the mere fact we are going through this together is something else I can’t believe. Jamie was my maid of honor in our wedding, and to think she was right next to me during the most important time of my life. And now, she’ll be there with me for the next most important thing, amazes me. I’m so, so blessed.

For my little video I wanted to find a song that would perfectly depict how I felt about our baby. I looked for love songs, and songs that spoke to your children about wanting everything in the world for them. Which of course I do. But what’s most important to Scott and I, is that our son knows the importance of our mighty Lord. Our son (I can’t help but to keep saying that!) is a blessing and is all part of this spectacular plan He has for us. Jeremy Camp is my favorite Christian artist, but for him to start off talking about creation crying out to him. We want more than anything for our son to grow up and cry out to the Lord. Through both miscarriages, we’ve tried our best to learn and grow, (definitely hasn’t been easy) and with this new creation He has given us, to always give to Glory to Him. “We can see the works of Your loving hand, with a hope and peace not made by man. When you poured out Your Grace and Mercy” We deserve nothing in this life, but by God’s grace and mercy, we were given this gift that only He, not man can give me.

Thank you Jesus, You are the way.


12 thoughts on “Gender Reveal

  1. Oh Jess! I loved the video!! You are going to be such an amazing mother to YOUR SON!! I am crying now… I don’t think it hit me last night because I was just trying to capture it on my camera, you know? SO EXCITING!! Love you, Scott, and your little man.

    • Thank you Sam! He is going to be loved by so many people, he’s a lucky little guy! It’s okay, I’ve been tearing up since last night too! God is so good

  2. I love you and your growing family. Funny thing is every time I pray for your little man (now that I know) I’ve really ever prayed for two things. 1) for a healthy baby and 2) that your baby will grow up into such a lover of God. Excited for what’s in store!

  3. Jessica, you and Scott are two of our favorite people. Teri and I are so happy for you and love that you guys are a big part of Jamie and Joeys life. How cool to see your kids grow up together because of a friendship that will never be forged. God bless all three of you!

  4. Probably because of I what I know you went through and what I’m going through but your video made me cry and I love seeing your life be blessed with a child. It gives me hope! Love you girl and enjoy the adventure !

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