Its a Merry Christmas Indeed

I know that you are not suppose to boast or brag about anything. But when it comes to my family, I just can’t help it. I have the best of the best on both sides. I’ve said it a million times before but I am so lucky when it comes to my in-laws. Everybody has their frustrations or irritations but when I hear about all the drama for your mama that happens between other in-law families, whoo I thank my lucky stars for the ones I have. It even goes as far as my in-laws in-laws that are fabulous! Scott and I have taken vacations with them too! That’s how awesome I have it.

Now I’m not a big fan of myself in these photos, I was about 10 weeks pregnant and was feeling run down and icky. But I love them all the same! And it makes me so happy to have our first baby in them. I love Jaxon, he’s just so cute and the perfect addition to our family. Eww to the 10th power for me, but the girls look gorgeous!Now, my family.. We just took these like last weekend so I was feeling much better :) Although I’ve added a little something something around the belly, but that’s okay by me! We had our good friend Kathleen take these. Although she is so much like family to us, she probably could be added to our photo! But I think she did a great job, I’ve honestly never loved any photos that have me in it, and I love Plus she was entertaining, it was perfect! Here are all of my favorites. This first one is my favorite favorite!!But I love that everyone is laughing in this one. Our laughing might have had something to do with Cal State Bakersfield, but I can’t be sure :)One of my favorites of us, like ever.This is what happens when Kathleen and JD are together around a camera..They truly are the best of friends, their friendship is one to be envied. They are straight with each other, they hold each other accountable as Christians should and have a blast together! I know I am not speaking out of turn when I say Kathleen thinks of JD as much of a brother as I do, and JD is leaving to Hungry (I’m tearing up now, dang hormones!) in January for at least 13 months. I know she’ll miss him as much as I do. (whoa didn’t see this paragraph coming sorry!) Another one of us :)My beautiful parents, the glue that hold all of us together..To the world, people might think I am crazy to say that this is my favorite Christmas ever. I know Scott isn’t working, and we don’t know where we will live next year, simply put, we just don’t have it all together these days. But besides the mercy and grace of the Lord, both of my families healthy and wonderful, plus this little blessing growing in my belly, what else is there to need? It is a Merry Christmas Indeed.

I hope you are all just as blessed this season as we are. God bless.


5 thoughts on “Its a Merry Christmas Indeed

  1. Oh goodnes!! Too many favorites! You look beautiful, especially the black and white one of you and Scott. I adore your hair! And… you always take such great photos of your parents! They look so relaxed and natural, and so them!

  2. Aw, Jess your family is absolutely beautiful. I love you guys and am so happy to be called family. It was incredibly easy to shoot you all seeing as you set everything up, I just snapped the photo. I love you all more than you’ll ever know and am so excited for what’s in store for the Shukwit/William bunch. I love that you even included the silly ones of us messing around. Merry Christmas lady!

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