Murrieta Family Photography :: Spiegel/Chapin Family

Where to I even begin to talk about the Spiegel family, okay I’ll start at the very beginning. You see when I first started out, I was terrible. Still, Bob and Teri paid me to take their photos at the beach. I’m so thankful they took a chance on me, but I still can’t believe they paid me to do it. No matter what, the Spiegel family hands down have been one of my biggest fans, I’ve only ever heard encouragement from them and to keep going and getting into even bigger and better things. I’m so thankful for them and others who have always cheered me on. To this day, that 11×14 all white t-shirt and jean-like photo hangs on their wall, 7 years later. To them I’ll always be grateful for helping give me the confidence I never had (and still lack)

Now here we are years later (I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get together for another photo!) and the kids are grown up, Teri & Bob are grandparents to Eli and now a new baby boy. (Jamie is my wonderful friend I talked about in my gender reveal post.) It’s crazy to see how much time has changed things. I soo wish I could find that photo from all those years ago, I’d be embarrassed to post it but it would be so fun to see! Here are my favorites from our quick session in Santa Rosa. Now get a little closer…The Chapin Family (I won’t even go into how long I’ve known this guy!) Love this one!!The kiddos, all grown-up..And last but not least, grandma and grandpa with their favorite little guy..I love you guys so very much, thank you for always picking me. You are a second family to me, and will always be. xoxo jess


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