Ranting from a paranoid mama

I know, I know it’s bad, and I hate to admit it. But I had a paranoid moment, I even had the doctor paged at like 10 o’clock at night. Over nothing.Seriously. It’s not even worth telling the reason.. But I will say, I have been doing pretty good considering I had 2 miscarriages, you would think I would be even more worrisome. But for the most part, I’ve had a peace and just trusted that everything is fine. Oh and it probably does help I’ve had ultra sounds like every few weeks :) that has helped a TON. Plus having a girlfriend one week ahead of me, I’ll feel something and call her up saying, I feel this, did you feel this!? And she always has which again helps. Besides that…. not worried at all.. haha guess I’m not doing quite as well as I thought. But this is the first time I’ve called the doctor, so there. So just to double check, Scott and I decided I should just go in and get checked out, wouldn’t hurt (except the 2 hour wait to see her is sort of painful) and nothing was wrong, of course but I did get an ultra sound out of it!! And it was such a cute one I had to share.. Tell me if you see what I see!! Directly to the right (well left for us looking at it) of his arm is his face, he is facing us. So you can see his little eye lid, nose and little lips! I love his lips already! He has gained 3 oz since my last ultra sound 2 weeks, growing boy. The dr said he is a very active baby, I’m a little worried he is going to come out ADD haha :) All of the waiting and tiny bit of worry was way worth it to get this picture of him.

Just wanted to share, happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend. Almost Christmas, I hope your ready!


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