Murrieta Family Photography :: The Pedder Family

For as long as I have been photographing the Pedder family this is probably the very first time we’ve gotten together for an actual entire family session.. boy did we make up for the lost time. There are sooo many great photos from this session I can hardly believe it myself. What a beautiful family. I didn’t spare many photos from the favorite pile. Here they are.. I think Elisabeth is just gorr-geous!Daddy and baby girl.. I love this first one with my whole heartDave and his fellas..We’ve never taken any of these fun ones either. (I might know why… boys are so difficult!)About a week before our family session we met up to take a few quick shots of just the kids for Christmas just in case we weren’t able to make the entire family-thing work. What a special little girl, she has 3 big brothers to protect and love her to the ends of the earth, not to mention she’s just about the cutest ever!I just love this left one, I’m pretty sure she’s getting some great big brother advice here..Thank you Pedder family as always for letting me in to your home, and your family. I’m forever grateful.


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