Our Christmas Weekend in Instagram

I’m getting a late start at pretty much doing anything this Monday morning. I don’t know why, it’s not like I had a crazy busy weekend or anything. I now realize that I pretty much failed at taking pictures the entire weekend..

I always forget how much I love these cookies until I have some again every year. Our lovely neighbors gave this tin to us! And I couldn’t resist a belly shot, I just love that thing! Christmas Eve I did some baking and we hung out with family..We had been waiting around my sister-in-laws house for a while and I kinda liked my shadow :) I know, I’m obsessed. Then yesterday morning there was a gift for the babe and I couldn’t help but get even more excited for next year when he’ll be here with us!Yesterday morning we had our little Christmas between Scott and I. He always gives Dakota the scrap tissue and wrapping paper.. and she always eats it… Such a weird dog. Then we went to his family’s house to have our Christmas morning with them, and of course we hung out with this crazy character. We also went to my parents too, but I slacked on getting any pictures there. Like I said, not many photos. Don’t think I am crazy, but for some reason this weekend I was in a weird mood. I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the hormones because I am never, ever in a funky mood on Christmas. I cried twice yesterday! What’s the deal!? So it has to be that! I’m guessing that is partly to blame in my lack of picture-taking as well. All -in-all though it was a great weekend spent with Scott and our families and I am not going to complain one bit. We are so loved and I am so grateful for that love! I hope you all had a great, great Christmas too!


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