Nightly worship with my boy..

So I’ve been told (or should I say I’ve read) that babies start being able to hear as of like a month ago. Which is exciting, except for when I sing, I also heard they can startle and cover there ears at this point as well. Which is I’m sure what our son does when I attempt. So I try not to. But, on a nightly basis I play one song of my favorite Christian artist Jeremy Camp. First I just played the song I used in our video here, I’ve also played the song Scott and I danced to at our wedding, “Walk by Faith”. But there was a song that I knew he sung that I loved, but I could not for life of me remembered it. I had heard it played at a wedding a couple years back but could.not.remember! We went to our friends grandma’s funeral last week and I walked into the sanctuary and wouldn’t you know, it was playing. It’s called “Give me Jesus”. And since then I’ve been playing that one at night.

I’m sure I am so nutty in my thinking of how to prepare this baby for the world in 4 months (drinking cold water in the morning to wake him up, hey he needs to learn his night from day right? I’m crazy I know) but I just thought this was something that could be so special for him and I to do on a nightly routine. Maybe it will even soothe him later on, you never know.. But for me, in this very moment, it’s a special time between my son and I. From the minute I learned I was pregnant, I’ve held my hand over my belly in hopes he would feel my touch and my love somehow. So during our worship time, I hold on tight and thank God for our miracle. I wanted to post the song, just because I love it and in case any of you when you rise this morning need Jesus like I do.

I figured I’d also do my monthly “What has changed being pregnant” post because this month it’s actually not much since the last time.

The most exciting thing yet has happened.. I can totally feel him moving around. He’s still shy around everyone else, even his daddy so they haven’t felt him yet. But I know that will come later once I am bigger and he has no room to move!

They say your hair grows even fuller when you are pregnant. I already have tons of hair, and I feel like it sheds way more often now. Don’t worry, I’m not going bald or anything, just notice it seems to be a lot more.

That’s about it. See I told you, not much. That’s okay though, the first trimester brought enough changes to last me a little while. Oh yeah, one other tidbit on baby Williams. We got to see him yesterday. He has his hand over his face which made me sad, I wanted to see that cute profile of his. But he is totally healthy and everything is as it should be. Oh my gosh except when she first started measuring she said he had a big head!!! Once she measured again she said it wasn’t, but now I’m scared haha! We’ll have to have them check that noggin again the next time we go.Whenever I go into this ultrasound office they make me feel like there is something wrong with me. Remember all of those tests I did last year? To my understanding nothing was wrong, but according to them I have a mutation (I feel like a ninja turtle when they say that) in my blood. From what I understand, it’s like 1 ding (don’t know the correct medical term) but not enough to affect anything, basically it’s something to do with clotting. My doctor has had me taking a baby aspirin everyday, to thin my blood a little.. Although I did think it was as a precautionary. For sure it’s nothing major at all, and hey, if I’m able to get more ultrasounds than normal I’m okay with that!

So that’s what we’ve been up to this week when it comes to the babe. As far as business, I’m working on editing a fabulous maternity session, as well as a wedding I shot last Saturday. Plus, I have another one this Saturday. Busy, busy. But I’m hoping to be posting these sometime in the near future.. because I already love them! I hope you all have a great day, God is good. Love ya! xoxo


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