Santa’s Little Helpers :: Zeke & Harper

I have just one more Christmas session to share. This is of Zeke and Harper Riley, two of the most adorable kiddos ever. I’ve been photographing Zeke since he was a newborn and it’s crazy to see how much he’s grown, and now Harper. She is just the sweetest baby girl ever, she always has a smile (except for maybe when big brother has her in his tight grips, those looks were more of uncertain ones) ha. They are just so cute together and I had so much fun during this session, there were so many cutes one I of course as always had a hard time narrowing it down! There were so many good ones of the two of them, I just couldn’t decide. So soo precious.. AdorableShe loves her tootsies.. I could realistically have commented on every single photo I posted, but I spared you. Your welcome. No, but really I love how all of these turned out. Karen & Matt your kids are adorable, thank you as always for picking me. xoxo j.


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