Life in General

I realized then other day that i haven’t written a post to update you on life. in general.

I still have been so fortunate to feel healthy almost my entire pregnancy. I feel great now and with exception of working (I know cry me a river right?) things couldn’t be better. I’m so blessed! I know this sounds strange but I’m so thankful this post isn’t a plea for prayer to be pregnant. Praise God that’s already happened and I’m 6 months along now!

We are still however, sort of at a loss when it comes to work for Scott. He’s not the type to just get a “job”. He wants a career. But all he’s ever known is fire. So it’s been very tough on him to decide what to do. His plan is to try and get back in with AMR for now. (he’s an EMT and drives ambulances) its something that provides a decent income for the time being and he knows how to do it. He also decided to apply for OC Sheriff. We’ve prayed and waited on the Lord and this seems to be the answer for now. Although I can’t see Scott as a police officer, maybe God has other plans. I’m not sure. I can see him working as a background investigator, or detective of some sort. So maybe this is the path the Lord has chosen, I guess only time will tell.

We have chosen to short sale our house (well I guess it wasn’t a choice as much as a necessity after Ontario let him go) but we have been working with a friend on the house and he was able to work out for us an investor wanting to buy our house but rent it back to us. If we have to rent (which we do) this would obviously be the best choice for us. With a baby coming in less than four months and 2 Bullmastiff’s, it’s just the simplest option for us. So far the doors have been opening for this. We’re waiting to hear back if the bank accepts his offer. Oh and one night the guy stopped by and we had a chance to talk with him, super nice guy who lives in Indiana (far enough away!) and worked a few details out. So it seems we’d have a nice (out of town) landlord, which in itself is great. This is the first house he’s investing in so we’ll both be learning together the rules of renting as we go so it’s nice. As soon as we hear from the bank we’ll know which direction we’re headed.

Soo, this is where ya’ll come in (ya I went there) I’m asking for prayer for 3 things in particular.

One, that Scott gets hired back at AMR quickly so we can get a bigger cushion for when we have a rent payment and I’m not working.

Two, that Lord willing, Scott gets hired with Orange County.

And three, that we hear back on the house very soon so that we can figure out what our next move will be.

I truly thank you as always from the bottom of my heart for always praying and loving me. I appreciate it more than you know.


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