Lake Elsinore Wedding Photography :: Crilly Wedding

I do have to say, I’m starting to warm up to the idea of photographing weddings. (don’t get any ideas, I’m not turning into a wedding photographer or anything) but with those two weddings in two weeks and them both going as smoothly as they possibly could. I can honestly say I enjoyed myself at both of them. Like my previous wedding, Joe and Laura are married and wanted their family and friends to join them in a ceremony celebrating their love. Joe is a year older than me but I’ve known him, or who he was since high school, and throughout the years have been around him as well as his friends for different occasions. (my brother-in-law is good, good friends with him) And it was so fun to see that entire group come together and support Joe whether it was being a part of his groomsmen or even the person officiating the wedding. Chad did such a great job during the ceremony, I literally both laughed and cried. (crying isn’t good for me because it makes it hard to see through my lens!) It really was a beautiful ceremony, one of the best I’ve ever heard. Although I can’t say I know Joe as closely as a lot of other people, I’ve seen what Laura has done in his life and the joy she and their daughter have brought him. What a perfect fit the three of them are together. It was a honor to be asked to be such a big part of their very special day.

I’m going to try and keep this at one post this time, let’s see if I’m able. Here are many, many of my favorites of the Crilly Wedding.Their daughter, Liberty..The wedding was at Summerly Golf Course and the ceremony site was beautiful!Just a little guidance..Great shot captured by my lovely assistant Lauren.. I love that Joe can’t take his eyes off of Laura.Lots and lots of laughter..Lots..Gotta love the red shoes!Now on to what is always my favorite part, the fabulous couple..This one might be my favorite.. (great job on the dipping Joe!) :)But then this one might be my favorite too..I just love their matching reds!The end. To a beautiful wedding.The beginning. To the rest of their beautiful love story.


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