Menifee Child Photography :: Jaxon Zagone 10 whole months!

It’s crazy crazy how fast time flies by! Jaxon is.. or should I say was 10 months in these photos! (now he’s already almost 11 months since I’m a slacker on posting these) He just keeps getting cuter and cuter every time I see him. I have probably said this each time I post family’s photos but I have pretty darn cute nephews if I do say so myself..

This was a quick session, Jaxon was just getting over a cold so he had very little patience for Auntie snapping away in his face. But I love all of these! His overalls are just adorable! His face in this one makes me laugh..  I imagine he’s thinking right here, “are you done yet?”My favorite..Or no maybe this is my favorite…I just love the many faces of my nephew! Kristy is getting everything ready for his Circus birthday party in March, it sounds so cute I can’t wait to see what she’s come up with!! I can’t believe little man is turning 1!


2 thoughts on “Menifee Child Photography :: Jaxon Zagone 10 whole months!

  1. I love all his silly faces! Not only do you have some cute nephews, their mommies are sure lucky to have you to take their photos! I am lucky too because I love looking at them all!

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