Menifee Maternity Photography :: Jamie

Oh where do I even begin on this one?? How about with amazing! This session was so much fun and turned out even more perfectly than I wanted it to. Jamie and Joey have been friends of mine for years upon years. Jamie was the maid of honor in our wedding and I’ve known Joey since third grade (I think I mentioned this in my last post of their Christmas family photos) but anyway, it always helps knowing a person for so long because then the comfort level go up to about a thousand. And I couldn’t have asked for Eli (or any little boy for that matter) to act any better, he was so sweet all day. He even blew me a kiss on his way to bed that night!

Jamie and Joey are expecting Owen to be due sometime the beginning of April (her due date is the 10th, but you know how that goes!) We are all just soo excited! And now I’m so excited to share these photos, of course I have too many favorites!! I love them all, Jamie is so beautiful!These next two are some of my absolute favorites.. (#2 is my favorite favorite!)Owen’s nursery theme is kind of a woodsie/animal theme. I believe it’s called Woodland Critters (or at least that’s what I googled to plan her shower to match! And it all looked perfect) Hence the pinecone. Oh another of my favorites!Love!!This is what I’ve named “the many faces of Eli” I LOVE all of these!! He’s so funny..Now to end, one last shot of the baby belly.One of my favorite things about my pregnancy is having Jamie pregnant at the same time! I can’t even begin to explain how much fun it’s been talking back and forth about it all, names, nursery colors, baby showers. Not to mention I’ll call her up (mostly at the beginning when I was still nervous) and say, “Jamie, is this normal!?” and she would always assure me it was. (who knew gas pains could hurt like that!) Just everything about being pregnant with her is so great and I’m so thankful for it.

Last weekend I planned (and pulled it off with the help of many, many others) her baby shower which I will try to post pictures from tomorrow. Then this coming weekend her along with Trisha and many others are giving me mine. I can hardly wait! Like I said, so fun being pregnant with her!

I’m also over the moon excited to know that our kids will get to grow up together, play together and be young men of God together. It’s awesome! I can’t wait to meet Owen and be blessed with another Chapin child.. Love you guys!

(sorry for rambling on, but as you know.. it’s kinda what I do)

2 thoughts on “Menifee Maternity Photography :: Jamie

  1. Oh gosh! Love them all! Especially the family of four looking right at the camera! So sweet! And the one where Jamie and Joey are looking at each other but kinda faced away. Oh and of course the Eli montage! That kid amazes me at how much cuter he gets everyday!! Amazing work Jess!

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