Woodland Critters Baby Shower :: For Jamie + Owen

Okay so yesterday I said I would try to have the pictures from Jamie’s shower posted, and I am trying to see if I can get this done before I have to leave for “the real world” or “my real world for the next 2 weeks and 2 days!” (my temp job for those of you who might not know what my real world is) But that’s besides the point :) Jamie’s shower.was.amazing! I mean whenever you plan something I’m sure there are always things you’d do differently, or add if you ever did it again. But I have to say, it was pretty close to perfect. When I started out the planning of this, it was going to be a sprinkle since it was her 2nd boy, but I just wasn’t feeling it.. Then I got inspiration from one of the stuffed animals she bought for the nursery, and the theme she was going to go with. Who would have ever known if you type “Woodland Critters” into Google or Pinterest TONS of ideas pop up. Then.. I was inspired.

And now, if I really do want this done before I leave today, I must stop talking and do more sharing. Up first, the decor. (these banners are one of my favorite things)Would you believe I showed my mom a picture of this little critters and she just made her own pattern and whipped them up!? The brown one is my favorite. I should also mention where we got our inspiration for these little fellas, Jamie bought a little fox for Owen’s room and showed it to me. That inspired me for this entire baby shower. If you’d like you can go here to Sleepy King’s Etsy shop to purchase them along with a ton of other great critters.I loved the favors too! (I should, they caused me the most trouble!) I found them here and fell in love. I originally ordered bags online like the ones she used buuuut I ordered them to small. So I found these cute little paper ones instead. I still love them! Oh and I should probably explain what they are, they are little mini bird feeders. For the real critters we have fluttering around our houses.
Acorn cookies (recipe here)Kelly’s famous puppy chow, but with a new name for the day.. Next up, one of the games we played. So simple and so fun. “Build a crib for baby Ruth” all you need is a box of toothpicks, a bag of mini marshmallows and some little baby ruth candy bars. I had them get into teams of 2 and they just have to build a crib that will hold baby Ruth. Mama Jamie decided the winner.This one just doesn’t work.. Sam I don’t know if you’ll be doing much babysitting of Grayson if you think baby Ruth is secure in that thing ;)I believe this was the crib that Jamie thought deserved the prize. Pretty good I think!This game is mostly for the enjoyment of those watching (as I don’t think the participants loved the idea) You get a ton of clothespins and some blindfolds, whoever pins the most clothespins on the other person WINS. It’s hilarious, try it!The girls.. my lifelines at times. I’m so blessed by the friends God has put in my life, they are beautiful both inside and out.I included this one in because these 2 ladies are throwing my first baby shower this weekend and I am just so thankful and excited for it!! They’re the best!Now I would have posted the one we took of our faces, however last night my conversation with Jamie went like this, “well Jess if you think you look like a cow, than I’m an elephant” ha! So for our sakes I left out the faces because we both feel (and I actually look) huge! (Jamie is my opinion is still beautiful!)This shower was so so so much fun to plan. I love planning any showers but when it is for someone I care about as much as I do Jamie, it makes it all that more special. I of course could never pull this kind of shower off without friends and my mom!! Never. Oh and now without the assistance of Pinterest..

Okay so I made it. Barely. It’s 7:09 and I totally should have left at least 5 minutes ago. I hope you enjoyed! Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Woodland Critters Baby Shower :: For Jamie + Owen

  1. Everything was so amazing down to the very last detail! And now she has so much more to add to the nursery! The games were hilarious! And by. the. way… your photo doesn’t show my completed bed for baby Ruth!!

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