Ancy Pancy

This Sunday is my first (of 3) baby showers! I am so blessed by the people in my life it still blows me away.. The shower on Sunday is put on by 2 of my closest friends Jamie (who’s shower I just posted about the other day) and Trisha. This shower is mostly for the girls I am closest to and their moms, Scott’s family and a few friends who I’ve known for a very, very long time.

All 3 showers are special to me for different reasons, this one because of the girls throwing it for me. Also for the fact that I can’t believe it’s actually my turn. At church I’m in charge of what’s called Blessing Ministry and that is all of the bridal or baby showers, plus I’m constantly throwing them for family and friends along the way. I truly love it! I always seem to be planning some sort of shower, and last year while I was going through my miscarriages was no exception. Especially babies.. we had a ton of them pop out last year. I always loved being involved, but of course a part of me was sad and thoughts would fly through my head that I might not ever have my own baby shower. So to know that this one is all for ME and my son Grayson, makes me jump for joy like a 5 year old school girl! I can’t concentrate at work, I keep talking my co-workers heads off because I don’t feel like working. Not to mention I’ve been texting my friends non-stop just to chat. (if your one of those friends, I apologize for annoying you) I really enjoy the people I’ve been working with here, but the job itself takes no brain cells whatsoever… So my mind wanders all day long!

I think the time is stuck. It’s literally standing still… This is the clock I’ll be staring at all day waiting for it to hit 4:30 so I can go home for the weekend!


One thought on “Ancy Pancy

  1. I have been so giddy and excited too and I haven’t minded the texts at all since I have been stuck in my house aaaaallll week! I love you so much and am SO EXCITED to meet Mr. Grayson!!!!

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