Things that have changed since being pregnant..

I haven’t done this in a while since I’ve been so busy but figured it was about time. I’m going to combine “things that have changed” along with a new category “things I will not miss” I am going into my 32nd week.

Things that have changed

I ache… all over

It’s so hard to breath sometimes, and my heart starts beating like crazy

I’m not 100% positive, but I believe the Braxton Hicks have begun

He moves.. All.the.Time! Which is wonderful! I’m just a little scared he’s going to come out a hyperactive little newborn!

I can see the inside of my belly button.. this is a first for me

I’ve gained 22 pounds!!

Which brings me to my last change, everyone I know tells me how huge I am now. Which is true, just funny how all of a sudden that’s the first thing they say. But if I remember correctly, I’ve done that same thing to all my pregnant friends!

That’s about it for the changes since the last post, ones that I can remember at least.

Things that I will not miss

Aching… all over

Not being able to sleep on my back

Not being able to bend over in peace

The bloody noses and bleeding gums

Oh and waiting in the doctor’s office for 2 1/2 to 3 hours each time. Definitely won’t miss that.

(trust me I know it’s only going to get more uncomfortable as the weeks go on!) It’s so funny to think about pregnancy before your actually pregnant. You really have no clue. It’s probably better that way I suppose. Not that I thought I would love it or anything. I guess I thought maybe I’d enjoy it more than the average person because of the 2 miscarriages, but that’s not the case. I don’t love it, that’s for sure. Do I love feeling my boy move around, and imagining that is his little tiny foot pressing up against my hand? Oh yes! I love that! But overall, it’s just not that fun. (and I’ve had a great pregnancy, health-wise!) I do wonder if I will miss it once I am done. We’ll see.

Even with all this silly stuff I listed, I am so so so excited and blessed to be pregnant, and to know that the Lord is preparing our hearts and minds for this little one. I can’t wait!

Here’s our little guy from an ultra sound I had last week. What’s changed with him is he’s measuring 3 pounds 7 ounces, and already has so much hair! The dr thinks he should be about 7 pounds when he’s born (sounds good to me!) I was a little worried there for a while I was going to be delivering a 9 pounder.. ha!

The ultra sound this time was so clear, I feel like I know him even better. I love our son so much already..

Ohh and one last thing, my shower Sunday was amazing! Beyond amazing! I will definitely be sharing photos from it.

2 thoughts on “Things that have changed since being pregnant..

    • He does make me so happy. However, you haven’t seen my face lately.. when he kicks an organ! ha. You’ll have to see my face in a few months when he smiles at me, that will be absolute happiness. Love you Sam..

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