Baby Shower Numero Uno

Wow! That’s the only way to describe the way I felt Sunday after my baby shower. Wow, was this the most amazing shower EVER! I have never felt so blessed in my life. Blessed by Jamie and Trisha (and everyone else who helped along with them) because they went above and beyond anything I could ever imagine. They thought of everything, small details that were so me and so perfect. I was blessed by all of the people who came, who showed me love just by being there. (I have one friend who came in from Arizona just to be there) And blessed by every single gift we got (literally G’s nursery is packed full!) I think I started to cry at least 3 times, a happy cry of course. It’s just hard to believe sometimes this is real life for me, I just would daydream about this day last year almost every single day that went by. It might seem silly for me to say that’s something I would daydream about a baby shower, but it’s really what the shower represents. My baby.

I think I mentioned in total I will have 3 baby showers! Crazy right? This shower was thrown by Trisha and Jamie and was for my closest girl friends and their moms, plus Scott’s family and then close friends I’ve met over the years or have known since high school. I have so much support in people that we had to split it up or else it would just be way to big! Life can’t be that bad if I have too many friends for one shower! Okay, okay onto the shower. They of course enlisted my good friend Sam (who I’ve talked about before, Sam aka the best graphic designer I know!) to design the invitations. Grayson’s nursery will be Navy Blue, Grey and White with a touch of an Elephant theme. So they modeled the shower after that a bit. Obviously I’ve been looking at ideas for baby showers for a very long time, saving little ideas here and there. Not only do I plan a ton of showers, I (hoped) someday I would be able to use them for mine. Jamie and Trisha were kind enough to let me put my 2 cents in a couple of times for this shower. First being with my library book idea. I saw this on a blog a couple of years ago. I talked with Sam, showed her this idea plus a library card shower invitation I’d seen and this is what Sam the great came up with!Everyone loved this idea and had so much fun with it. And now I have a big basket of books just waiting to be read to Grayson. Okay, now onto the pictures from the baby shower. Look at all of these fabulous decorations! So many of the decorations they made I’ll be able to use in his room, I can’t wait!How fun is this fence!? It’s from Jamie’s backyard and they just painted it. So cute!And this tree! It’s not a very good picture of it, but you get the idea.. Awesome right!?I had to take a picture of those jeans, I LOVE them! I can’t wait until he can wear them..Another of my favorite details.. I love this elephant! Can you believe Jamie (with the assistance of her husband) made this! This is FOR SURE going somewhere in his nursery.Timeout for a picture of Auntie Sammi.The last thing the girls let me be a part of for the shower were the favors. I saw this idea literally 3 or 4 years ago and have kept this candle in my closet the entire time. I always thought it was so perfect for me because of my fear of child birth :)Because apparently I can’t take a clear picture of these if my life depended on it, I’ll include my little print out.Okay so fail again on my picture-taking, I didn’t get any of the food. They had my favorite chicken salad sandwiches (thanks to Lisa for making them) a delicious spinach, pomegranate and feta cheese salad, plus fruit salad. I heard so many comments on how great the food was! I apparently was more focused on the dessert. (and the cute lemonade dispenser) But the cupcakes… oh those cupcakes. They are my favorite, and the girls got them for me. I appreciate it mostly because of how thoughtful it is of them to get those knowing how much I love them, and secondly, they aren’t cheap. They really spared nothing when it came to this shower. Oh and here is my basket of books, one at the beginning of the shower, and the other from today when I took a picture of it completely full!Lastly, (as I said last week from Jamie’s baby shower) the girls.. the ones who support and love me through it all. (and trust me there are many, many more people who couldn’t fit into the picture who give me just as much love and support) but these are my everyday.. go-to girls.. I’d be lost without each of them in my life.Jamie I just love our bellies! Jamie and Trisha, I honestly don’t have the words to even describe what I felt that day. Even if I could, it wouldn’t be enough. I felt so loved, so blessed and so unbelievably SPOILED. I will never forget how having this shower made me feel. Honestly, just the fact that you wanted to throw me a shower was enough for me, if there were no decorations, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chocolate chips cookies and just the people that love me.. that would be enough. But you girls went far, far beyond that just to show me you cared. That goes so much further than anything else. I love you girls so much, and thank you for blessing Scott and I, and baby Grayson. We will be forever grateful.

ps. I did such a horrible job taking pictures of actual people! But since it was my baby shower and I spent the entire time in great conversations with people that kept me too busy to have my camera in hand. So sorry about that! I mostly wanted everyone to see what an amazing job the girls did, and give some great ideas for anyone planning a baby shower (someone else’s or their own if your like me!)

Thanks for looking! And you were a part of this shower in anyway, thank you.. From the bottom of my big heart.

7 thoughts on “Baby Shower Numero Uno

  1. Jamie and Trisha did such an amazing job on the shower! Everything was just so you!! And now I know why you love those cupcakes so much! I am so proud to be one of the many aunties in Grayson’s life, I just can’t wait to meet him!

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  3. It was truly a beautiful shower! I loved all the details that went into it. You and Grayson are so loved. 💙🐘💙 I’m glad I got to be a part of it, thank you for the invite. xo

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